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ICANAlarm Systems

April 2007....burglar in custody Los Angeles......LaserShield scared off a burglar in Castle Rock, WA......Burglary foiled in San Diego......Burglar in custody in Port Naches Texas.......Burglaries prevented and police notified in Chicago, IL......Riverside CA.....Banning CA......Lincoln NE.........LaserShield selected Best in Show for Security by CES Daily News 2007......LaserShield featured in New York Times......International Herald......Denver Post..........Fox News Channel.......see LaserShield nightly on CNN Headline News



"Instant Home Security in a Box"

High Tech Affordable Security For Homes, Condos, Apartments, Small
Business, Mobile/Motor Homes, Construction Trailers and Boats

Complete Professional Protection In 10 Minutes Or Less, Guaranteed!!



portable Plug & Go Wireless Alarm System



Cyclone Cellular Device    Wireless Motion Detector    Key Chain Remote    Sparrow VOIP Device

Starter Kit Includes:

1 Base Unit - ICANAlarm
1 - Motion Detector (pet friendly)
2 - Key fob (arm/disarm/panic)
Siren Speaker (105 Decibel)
User Call Feature
Internal Battery Backup
Power Cord / Telephone Jack / Window Decals
Optional Monitoring: $19.95 month

High Tech Affordable Security For Homes, Condos, Apartments, Small
Business, Mobile/Motor Homes, Construction Trailers and Boats

Complete Professional Protection In 10 Minutes Or Less, Guaranteed!!

The ICANAlarm Instant Security System is a family of innovative, easy to use, low-cost, security system products. The ICANAlarm System along with it's reasonable monitoring rates and absence of any contractual commitments is fast becoming the intelligent alternative to conventional alarm systems for home owners across the US . The ICANAlarm is also ideal for rental homes, apartments, townhomes and condos, and is a perfect security solution for college dormitories, retail stores, offices.

Phone connection
ICANAlarm plugs into an existing telephone jack.

Power connection
ICANAlarm receives its power from a standard wall outlet via a small low voltage transformer.

Panic button
The 24-hour panic button remains active whether the system is armed or disarmed. Pressing the panic button at any time will immediately activate the siren and initiate a call to the 24 X 7 Rapid Response Monitoring Service through your existing phone line. The Keychain Remote also includes a panic feature by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

Siren speaker
When an alarm condition exists the ICANAlarm Master Alarm Unit sounds a 105-decibel siren. Sirens are an active and very important line of defense against burglary. The majority of intruders leave immediately when a siren is activated.

Instant Learn Feature
ICANAlarm systems are expandable. Additional Wireless Detection Units or Key Chain Remotes can be learned into your system in less than 60 seconds. Our proprietary user interface eliminates the need for programming, complex manuals, allowing an entire system to be setup or expanded in minutes.

Battery back-up
Each ICANAlarm device is equipped with a backup battery, used in the event of lost power. The Master Alarm Unit battery is rechargeable and the Master Alarm Unit will notify your monitoring service if the battery charge becomes low. Other devices such as Wireless Detection Units and Keychain remotes report their battery condition to the Master Alarm Unit, which will notify you if a battery needs to be replaced.

Placement of unit
Each ICANAlarm Wireless Detection Unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art passive infrared detection system. The unit's view of detection spans out from the front of the unit in a 110-degree pattern ranging over 35 feet. Delivering approximately 1100 square feet of detection. The ICANAlarm® motion sensors samples the ambient room temperature and will detect an intruder's body heat moving across its detection zones.

Pet Friendly
A unique Pet Shield instantly snaps into place on the front of the ICANAlarm motion detector on the Wireless Detection Unit. The Pet Shield blocks portions of the motion sensor so your pet is less likely to trigger an alarm.

Sound effects
ICANAlarm will verbally annunciate when it is placed in an armed or disarmed condition. The Master Alarm Unit counts down the number of seconds left when arming as a reminder of the 60-second exit delay. The Master Alarm Unit will also beep for 20 seconds upon re-entering as a reminder to disarm the system.

The ICANAlarm Master Alarm Unit includes extensive self-diagnostics. The Master Alarm Unit will report any abnormal condition such as loss of power, telephone connection disconnected, or low back-up battery.

User Call Feature
The ICANAlarm Master Alarm Unit has a special “phone in” feature. Using a secret PIN number our customers can telephone their alarm system from a remote location using a telephone or cellular phone. This feature allows them to check system status, remote arm, remote disarm, or even activate a hidden microphone to listen in on babysitters, children, or pets.

Alarm reporting
The Master Alarm Unit will contact the Rapid Response Monitoring Service to report the following conditions- alarm, panic, low battery, and cancel. Under normal conditions ICANAlarm reports the fastest response time in the alarm industry, initiating a return phone call approximately 30 seconds after receiving an alarm signal.


From the beginning ICANAlarm sought to distance itself from the conventional alarm industry by providing a quick, high tech, self-installed, affordable alarm system free of monitoring and service contracts as well as producing a superior product compared to the myriad of “do-it-yourself” alarm systems that were seemingly proliferating in catalogs and eventually for sale on the internet.  The ICANAlarm line offers the only Plug N’ Go security solution with 24/7 monitoring which can be activated at the point of purchase as well as solving the recent industry “headache”  to provide monitoring for the new generation of customers without standard phone lines or VOIP phone service.

Unlike conventional alarm companies with limited warranties and service contracts, ICANAlarm is also breaking new ground with their life time warranty which covers parts and service for customers that maintain their monitoring through The Rapid Response Monitoring Company. Further attributing to their success is the simplicity of the system. Instead of bombarding customers with dozens of profit making devices all related to burglary, ICANAlarm keeps it simple and effective with their Pet-immune motion detectors.  

With their offering of an “authorized dealer” program in mid 2007 nearly 100 conventional established alarm companies across the U.S. signed up to “ride” was has become the biggest change in the alarm industry in over 48 years.  ICANAlarm is Becoming the LARGEST alarm distribution group in the US already doing business in 50 States. Every month 10,000+ new customers are choosing the first intelligent alternative to conventional alarm systems and conventional alarm monitoring. Because of its phenomenal growth and success in both residential and small business markets. With monitoring rates at nearly 1/2 the nation average, NO contracts and NO Locked out Panels. Learn More. ICANAlarm has revolutionized the entire industry.

Limited Special! Starter Kit, Activation & 3 Months Professional Monitoring $229!

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